Special Education Teacher Resume Sample Two

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Aundrelet W. Clarke



  • Facilitated small groups and classroom presentations in the high school and middle school programs addressing issues of: career and life planning; conflict resolution; decision making skills; self-esteem; alcohol and drug use and abuse; divorce; social skills; stress management and relaxation
  • Counseled and advised adolescents in the areas of academic, career, college and personal development and issues including: scheduling classes; creating four year academic plans; mediating problems between students and other students, teachers, and or parents; assisting students’ with the college search and application process; exploring personal interests, values, and career information; suicide and risk assessments and stabilization; referrals for therapy in the community
  • Participated in Special Education meetings: Educational Support Team, IEP, 504, and RTI meetings

Curriculum and Development

  • Develop an innovative curriculum to provide support services to the general education program through collaborative planning, co-teaching, small group instruction (with special and general education students in general education classes) and direct instruction to mainstream special education students
  • Organize time, space and resources to balance heavy workloads and stringent deadlines
  • Use unconventional methods and resources to educate students in grammar, spelling, mathematics, science and social studies

Educational Assessment

  • Review numerous classroom assessment methods and techniques, adopt effective tools that are complaint with the school board
  • Spearhead volunteer programs to fulfill a need for students requiring additional assistance outside of the classroom

Student and Parent Relations

  • Cultivate parent involvement through consistent written and verbal communication, classroom participation, invitations and home visits
  • Plan numerous extracurricular activities, including organizing tournaments, coordinating transportation, and chaperoning student out-of-town trips

Classroom Presentation

  • Identify students’ individualism and develop a curriculum to accommodate different learning styles, maximizing students comprehension
  • Establish comfortable, student-focused, two-way communication that empower students to enjoy the learning process
  • Maintain a productive learning environment by stating the classroom rules, holding students accountable for their actions, and implementing consistent and fair consequences

8/07-12/09 Special Education Teacher AAA High School, New York, NY

  • Responsible for the creation and implementation of lesson plans based on student learning styles and the use of Differentiated instruction
  • Effectively manage classroom by setting firm and fair guidelines, role modeling behaviors and using verbal and non verbal cues
  • Case load manager for 12 students – responsibilities include resource room, re-teaching, re-explaining, breaking down of task(s), simplifying and monitoring guidance of students with disabilities and the writing of their IEP.
  • Co-teacher for Living Environment and Global 9

8/05-7/06 Special Education Teacher BBB Elementary School, New York, NY

  • Educated and managed an average of 25 students in an education setting.
  • Participated with a team of teachers to collaborate with parents and administrators to create individual education plans for students with disabilities.
  • Participated in school committees to evaluate our success as a school and to make recommendations for improvement.
  • Organized and updated student records, professional development records, report cards, student folders, attendance records, discipline reports, tardy records, lesson plans and weekly schedules.
  • Checked out instructional material and equipment and inventoried it at the end of the school year.
  • Organized and participated in student accountability meetings with parents.
  • Purchased, ordered and distributed educational supplies, textbooks, paper, pencils, and t-shirts.
  • Taught technology club, homework club and special education tutoring to elementary students after school.

6/04 -12/04 Special Education Teacher CCC Middle School, New York, NY

  • Coordinated and facilitated IEP meetings
  • Developed and implemented goals and objectives
  • Maintained exceptionally high degree of professionalism while interacting with support staff, peer teachers, and administrators
  • Built reputation for valuable classroom management skills and capacity to deliver broad range of detailed lesson plans
  • Established strong, equitable learning environment to meet needs of H.S. learners during leave of faculty member


  • American Counseling Association
  • National Career Development Association


  • Computer Skills: PC and Mac; Windows 2000 and XP; MSWorks & MSWord; internet; Win School
  • Research – data entry, literature search and review, questionnaire development, research design, data collection, input, and analysis
  • Behavior Management Techniques
  • Crisis Intervention Techniques


  • Conflict resolution
  • Personal and Professional coaching
  • Communication skills training
  • Career development
  • Individual and group counseling
  • Stress management


  • New York University, New York, NY
  • Doctorate of Education in Counseling Psychology, Expected graduation 2012
  • New York State University, New York, NY
  • Masters of Arts in Guidance Counseling, July 2005
  • University of New York, New York, NY
  • Special Education Teacher Certification, July 1997
  • Southern University and A&M College, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  • Bachelor of Science in Clothing, Textiles and Related Arts, December 1995


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