Art Instructor Resume Sample Three

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Antonio D. Younkin

Professional Summary:


  • Teach 2D Design, Drawing, Painting and Photography at various Universities and Colleges, Adult Education Programs and in private Tutoring.
  • Dedicated to student development; encourage open classroom discussion and the exploration of many possible visual and content solutions to student work.
  • Consistently receive highly favorable instructor evaluations at university.
  • Broaden scope of curriculum by including brief Art History lectures and anecdotes in studio courses.
  • Have taught students from all socio-economic backgrounds, including High School Juniors and Seniors, Undergraduates, and young to elderly professional adults.


  • Finely developed skills in Drawing and Painting, work ranging in scale from small to mural, typically being large canvasses composed from multiple photographic sources and or drawings.
  • Experienced in many media, including Lithography, Intaglio, Photo Darkroom and Computer Graphics Programs. Work is represented in many private collections and by commission.
  • Created Logos, Catalogs (including copy), Package Designs, Product and Brochure Illustrations and Photographs for companies, Cover & Inside Photos for CD.


2003-Present: ABC Company And Art Instructor

  • Composition I and Composition II.
  • Developing an interesting and engaging curriculum for learners.
  • Utilizing creativity in the classroom, speech and video presentations, group work and projects, and online activities
  • Taught research and business writing

1997-Present: XYZ Corporation And Art Instructor

  • Created and managed first in-house design department for XYZ’s multiple imprint publishing division of heavily illustrated design, art, interior design, photography, and craft books for adult trade, young adult, and children’s markets.
  • Acted as change agent to rebrand products, reorganize, and restructure procedures. Created new design standards by upgrading and enhancing all aspects of design, art and photography throughout the company that met current market design trends. Sales more than doubled in the first season imprints included; Watson-Guptill, Amphoto Books, Back Stage Books, and Lone Eagle.
  • Incorporated and directed top photographers and illustrators into the schedules and budgets to further enhance and support the new visual identity. Introduced new freelance designers with project specific design sensibilities to reduce heavy design revisions. Edited and directed all art for content and quality.
  • Interact with editors, designers, photographers, and illustrators to communicate project concepts and insure schedules were met. Worked closely with production staff to ensure highest quality finished product with domestic and international printers and suppliers were produced.
  • Spearheaded software transition from Quark to InDesign. Recommended software updates for increased efficiency and productivity. Organized computer program tutorials for staff training.

1999-Present: DEF, Incorporated And Art Instructor

  • Coordinated all classes and supervised other instructors
  • Filled in for instructors when needed
  • Obtained supplies
  • Dealt with issues between Instructor and child(s) for various reasons, often resulting in appropriate disciplinary action due to circumstance. For example: warnings, timeout, phone call to parent, and on rare occasions, suspension.
  • Maintained student count and roster
  • Documented registration and contact information of students
  • Instructed afternoon courses: Chicano(a) History and Creative Writing
  • Comprised lesson plans which were accompanied by hands on art projects


New York University, New York, NY Teaching Assistant, Drawing and Painting Program.
Studies included Lithography, Intaglio and Art History in addition to major concentration. Successful thesis exhibition.
University of California, San Diego, CA Teaching Assistant, MFA Program.
Painting major – Taught Undergraduate Life Drawing, Gestalt Psychology of Perception, and Special Projects for third year Architecture students
High School of Art & Design, New York High School, NY Fine and Graphic Art education.

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