School Principal Resume Sample One

111 Any Street New York NY 11111 (111) 111-1111

Jessica Alva


Pending– English 7 – 12

Educational Experience

AAA High School, New York
School Principal – 8/07 to 6/10

  • Plan implement and manage school calendar
  • Recruitment of staff, along with responsibility for training and management
  • Ordering of school supplies and curriculum
  • Management of computer services including tech support and maintenance

BBB Kids School, New York
School Principal – 9/02 to 6/07

  • Evaluated Staff, aligned curriculum, planned meetings and agendas
  • Promoted leadership for adults and students, i.e. .Teacher Leader Program and Principal’s Club
  • Demonstrated success in promoting and increasing student achievement,
  • Excellent organizational, planning and implementation skills,
  • Managed over 70 staff members and investigated problems between students or staff,
  • Interpreted and enforced rules, regulations, and policies
  • Hired, mentored, and met frequently with new staff members,
  • Analyzed quarterly assessments and test scores and established appropriate plans of action,
  • Planned and evaluated Master Calendar of school activities and programs
  • Stream-lined and standardized school procedures
  • Guided staff to appropriate professional development.

CCC Girls High School, New York
School Principal – 1/01 to 6/02

  • Manager of 6 different schools with 60 plus teaching staff
  • Monitored, observed and supervised teachers classroom instructions
  • Conducted and facilitated school district division seminars, trainings and workshops to teachers
  • Implemented and evaluated school programs and projects for improvement of academic achievements and physical facilities
  • Prepared, developed, implemented and evaluated school plan and school performance target
  • Coordinated and linkage with the government and non- government organization.

Technology Skills

  • Proficient in using Microsoft Word
  • Able to create and input data in spreadsheet
  • Use Print shop program to design newsletters, calendars, meeting agenda and assembly programs
  • Use digital camera and produce unique photos for immediate use.


State University College at New York, New York

  • Bachelor of Science, English Education 7 – 12, December, 1995
  • Master of Science, English Education 7 – 12, May 2000

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