Baker Resume Sample Two

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Mary B. Wolff


  • Smart energy filled outgoing person with a lot of experience in the food industry.
  • Punctual and positive even when “in the weeds” so to speak and I feel that organization is the key to success.

Job Experience

ABC Company, 07/09-06/10

  • Perform skilled work in the preparation of dough’s and the baking of breads, rolls, and biscuits, and of cakes, pastries and other desserts.
  • Prepare and supervise the preparation of filling for desserts and pastries.
  • Prepare formulas for the mixing of dough’s.
  • Estimate bakery needs and assist in requisitioning and maintaining adequate supplies for baking operations.
  • Assist in training employees in the operation of baking machinery such as scales, dough mixers, bread molds, proof boxes and ovens.
  • Keep the bakery and its equipment clean and see that equipment is maintained in good working order.
  • Perform related work as assigned.

XYZ Corporation, 04/09-06/09

  • open the bakery
  • bake all the goods for the day
  • deal with our wholesale accounts
  • bake bread

DEF, Incorporated, 05/07-03/09

  • baking & decorating 27 different sweets & muffins
  • baking 19 different breads
  • making 5 different pastries & 4 different souffles
  • cleaning work area and all ovens & proffer


  • I graduated from New York High School in 2005 with a 3.2 GPA and more engineering qualifications than anyone before my class.

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