Lab Assistant Resume Sample Two

999 Main Street
Any Town, NY, 99999

Richard Davis

Lab Experience

ABC Inc. Any Town, NY Feb 2008 – Current
Lab Assistant

  • Perform various routine laboratory functions in a precise and accurate fashion to assist the laboratory professional staff and to facilitate production.
  • Restock materials, reagents, cleaning equipment and laboratory instrument.
  • Assist with preanalytical preparation: (e.g., uncap, cap specimen tubes, prepare racks, work lists, enter, scan specimens and load automated instruments.
  • Assist with monitoring the pending and overdue lists, which includes, searching, locating, following up and filing appropriate documentation (e.g. Test Not Performed (TNP), Missing Specimen (MSP), Quality Not Sufficient (QNS), tracking notes).
  • Clean, organize and maintain work area, glassware and laboratory equipment (e.g., refrigerators, freezers and supply cabinets, as needed).

XYZ Corp. Any Town, NY Feb 2004 – Feb 2008
Lab Assistant & Phlebotomist

  • Responsible for the daily operations of the laboratory such as answering telephones, filing, customer service, and setting appointments. Data entry inpatient outpatient collecting tubes.
  • Laboratory safety, infection control, Quality Assurance, Hematology, Urinalysis, microbiology.
  • Clinical Lab Assistant Running analyzers, point of care and material prep.

BCD Inc. Any Town, NY Jan 2002 – Feb 2004
Biology Lab Assistant

  • Lab set up and solution preparation.
  • Lab clean up and breakdown.
  • Lab ware and glassware Washer.


University of Washington, Seattle Sept 2000 – May 2004
Bachelor of Science, Microbiology +Immunology
Minor: Economics
Overall GPA: 3.5/4.0

Relevant courses taken:
Principles of Biology I+II Genetics Biochemistry Microbiology
Microbial Genetics Virology Immunology Physiology

Lab Skills

  • Basic lab techniques including PCR, gel electrophoresis, SDS-PAGE, restriction enzyme analysis, protein purification, ethanol precipitation, serial dilution.
  • Yeast & bacteria genetics including yeast transformation, yeast genomic DNA prep, plasmid prep, E.coli transformation, cloning using competent cells, PCR mutagenesis.
  • Basic microbiology techniques including Gram staining, colony isolation technique, replica plating.

Related Skills

  • Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power point, basic Python programming, Minitab.
  • Certificate in Biotechnology.
  • Fluent in English and Spanish.


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