Budget Analyst Resume Sample One

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Mark Jones


To benefit both my employer and myself by using my expertise in acquiring and interpreting data.


Financial budget analyst with an expertise in accounting and auditing principles and procedures. Proficient in methods of compiling and analyzing disbursements, encumbrances, and related data. Responsible for detailed managerial critiques of budget requests, budget preparation, and examination of the District and Departmental Legislative budgets. Major strengths lie in planning, organizing, and coordinating work assignments with a strict practice of performing technical and fiscal analyses of budget requests.


Senior Budget Analyst February 2007-Current
ACB Corp.
Anytown, NY.

  • Monitors and tracks obligation and expenditures for assigned activity accounts on related budgetary form, schedules, and reports. Verifies that obligation and expenditures occur on a timely basis in accordance with the annual work plan and regulatory controls are within the amounts programmed. Resolves any discrepancies.
  • Analyzes the authorization and appropriations legislation for impact on assigned programs or funds.
  • Analyzes and interprets Office of Management and Budget budget and program guidance. Reviews, compiles, summarize, and prepare budgetary data contained in budget guidance.
  • Establishes the master schedule for logical sequencing and timely accomplishment of the programming and budgeting cycle for one or more funds.
  • Develops the Future Years Plan and its related annexes, and formulates the agency’s Budget Estimates Submission (BSE).
  • Evaluate data quality, and advises on ways to improve data quality and ensure data integrity.
    Responsible for the selection, adoption and use of proper statistical methods of analysis and presentation appropriate to the program.
  • Plans, develops, implements, and maintains budget and financial systems. Analyzes program and budgetary guidance, Provides interagency policy and procedures, budget formulation assumptions, and formats and schedules to service organizations for budget submissions.
  • Reviews and validates obligation, expenditures, reimbursable orders, requests for allotments, etc. by examining accounting records, through continuing dialogue with program officials and the staffs, and by reviewing financial documents.
  • Responsible for using accounting and financial procedures in resolving problems and preparing recommendations for management based on financial results of the Appropriation Budget Execution and Policies and perform functions such as budget exhibit development, financial analysis, cost accounting, and general budget execution accounting and statistical analysis.
  • Provide budget status to senior leadership on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis.
  • Serves as responsible person for (1) reconciling Financial Account Service databases; (2) executing fiscal year closing procedures in accordance with internal procedures and guidance.
  • Brief senior level program management on a periodic basis regarding mission critical requirements and actions.
  • Perform historical trend analysis on prior years execution to improve future years plans through more accurate cost analysis.
  • Provide ad-hoc reports and analysis.

Budget Analyst November 2006-January 2007
XYZ Inc.
Anytown, NY.

  • Provide Budget Analyst support. Interface with 35 Project Officers.
  • Maintaining checkbook and certifying the accuracy.
  • Reviewed obligations and commitments and for Category I Reimbursements and Category II Direct Citation of funds, Acceptances of MIPRs, or pull-back of funds or 1,2,3,4 QTR Funds or Rejection of funds and Administrative changes.
  • Created the Financial Account Management Sheets for the overall organization. Created the breakdown structure of commitments, obligations and expenditures for several different program lines of funding to ensure the program is meeting the benchmark percentage goals on a daily basis.
  • Compiled procurement requests (PR), Funding Action Requests (FARs), Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request (MIPRs) for Category I for reimbursements and Category II for Procurement Direct Site of funds.
  • Created and completed User Financial Manuals for all programs in house for O&M, PMC Supplemental, R&D&E and DOD, JIEDDO program funding for Tactical Radios program.
  • Analyzed and provided input for funding status reports for authorization and expenditures, obligations and unobligated funds remaining balances.
  • Validating appropriations through report comparison of Financial Information Management System (FIMS) and Report Net.
  • Formulated and revised budget estimates and monitoring of trends in spending on a continual basis. Prepared spreadsheets for Phasing Plans and spend plans for various funding appropriations for several programs.
  • Maintained Receiving Invoice Reports by using the Wide Area Workflow (WAWF). Tracking of Contract Administration Data for obligations, increases, decreases of PMC and O&M and R&D funding lines.
  • Provide tracking acquisition documents such as Purchase Orders (PO), Contract Specifications, and Contract Delivery Orders (DO) by using the Electronic Data Access (EDA) to query Contract Administration Data information. Provided verification and validation of actions to Project Activities for the Government to expend the funds before expiration.
  • Utilized the SABRS Management Analytical Retrieval Tools and Report Net to retrieve Budget Execution Activity Reports, retrieve query reports, retrieve expended and liquidation of funds for O&M, PMC and RDT&E funding.

Budget Analyst August 2005- November 2006
BCD Inc.
Anytown, NY.

  • Provided assistance in support of budget planning, programming and execution.
  • Provided assistance in budget: formulated budget and Program Operations Memorandum (POM); analyzed and interpreted budget directives and mission requirements; developed plans, procedures and instructions for formulating and presenting budget submissions to higher management levels; monitored program expenditures, including directorate travel and training expenditures and forecasting resource obligations; and prepared budget execution documents.
  • Prepared Independent Cost Estimates and monitored Program Certification and Accreditation contracts for financial performance and progress towards completion of deliverables, which included review of contract invoices.
  • Updated budget and contract reference books filed with current documentation; created new ones each fiscal year for the Director and Directorate Programs
  • Developed budget “Fact Sheets” clearly identifying multiple year spend plans.
  • Developed and analyzed budget formulation and management plans for Operation and Maintenance budgets.
  • Analyzed budget allocation and execution reports and documents to ensure programs were satisfied and that future budgets could be appropriately modified.


Bachelors of Science, Mathematics 2000-2004
Certificate in Statistics
Northwestern University .

Proficient in all Microsoft Office Applications, Ariba Software, and FLAIR.


provided upon request.

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