Field Engineer Resume Sample One

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Richard Thomas


Field and Technical Engineer with over 10 years of network, server and workstation engineering and support. Experienced in minimal turn-over, workstations upgrades and deployments, along with application remediation, troubleshooting and documentation. Experience to meet the needs and desires of internal customers to satisfy their business needs, while optimizing the use of shared resources. Enjoys utilizing problem solving skills to optimizing network systems to reduce manual administration and provide enhanced functionality to those who use it.


ABC Inc.
Field Engineer, Feb 2001To Feb 2009

  • Installation, Maintenance and Repair of Desktops, Laptops and Commercial Printers.
  • Responsible for Sales maintenance contracts of equipment.
  • Customer follows – service work and installations to insure customer satisfaction.
  • Recommend new sales and services to current customers and provide new sales leads to sale team.

XYZ Corp.
Field Engineer, Jan 1999 To 2001

  • Solid troubleshooting capabilities, complex relay calibration, use of load and power quality recording instrumentation, high voltage circuit breaker and switchgear testing.
  • I am able test and troubleshoot complex electrical systems, complex relay systems and all types of power metering, perform start-up services on switchgear up through the 500 kV class, and other duties as typically associated at the Senior Field Engineer level.
  • Operations and maintenance includes all types of switchgear and equipment testing from 69kv through the 500 kV class. This is strengthened by strong theoretical understanding of electrical power systems and good aptitude for problem evaluation while working directly with internal and external clients requiring a high degree of communication, supervisory, organizational, and management skills.

BCD Inc.
Senior Field Engineer, Aug 2000 to Dec 2000

  • Provides engineering and project management services for the maintenance and new or expansion projects.
  • Researches and studies on automation and applicable technologies for operations.
  • Coordinates EHS and Network Optimization on training and orientation needs of all contractors.
  • Proficiency in hydraulic analysis, equipment sizing, design, and system design.
  • Proficiency in or ability to learn applicable technical and economic analysis software.
  • Experience with facilities equipment cooling systems; Heating systems (boilers, heat exchangers, etc…), HVAC units, and Electrical Distribution systems.


  • Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering from Texas A&M University, College Station.
  • Additional courses in Computer Science at Texas A&M University, College Station.
  • Cisco Certified Network Entry Technician (CCENT), Certified Network Administrator (CCNA).
  • Microsoft Certified Enterprise Support Technician (Vista & Windows 7), Small business Specialist.


  • Network design, operations analysis, administration, backup, troubleshooting (Help Desk Level 1, 2 & 3), and repair. Data recovery. Virus detection and removal. Application training. Operations support both direct and telephone. Product evaluation, specification, procurement, installation, documentation, training, support, troubleshooting, and repair of computer hardware and software.
  • Computer hardware and software: IBM PCs (XT through dual Xeon workstations); Macintosh (Classic through G4 models); System 7-Tiger; MS-DOS 2.0-6.22, Windows 3.1 through Vista, BASIC, Base II and III, FORTRAN, Pascal; ccMail, Eudora, Group Wise 4.1-6.0, Lotus Notes,, Exchange, Pegasus, Word, Word Perfect, Excel, Microsoft Mail, Info Connect, ProComm, Sabre View, Netscape Navigator, Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Lexis, West Law.
  • Network technologies: Arc net, Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Switched Ethernet, Token Ring, Local Talk, Apple Talk, Wireless, Microsoft Networking (Work groups, 95, NT, 2000, 2003) and Novel Net Ware 3.11-6.0, IPX, and TCP-IP.
  • Troubleshooting Equipment: Fluke Lan Meter (Ethernet Token Ring and Combination), Net Tool (Inline, Pro), Micro Test Omni Sanner, NAI’s Sniffer, Network, Shomiti Explorer, Wire shark.

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