Engineering Intern Resume Sample One

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Edward Anderson


To obtain a position in the Civil Engineering field that is both on and off the field.


ABC Inc, Any Town, NY 6/2009 – 8/2009
Engineering Intern

  • Work as a member of a cross functional project team on a plantwide preventative maintenance improvement project.
  • Walk down and identify make and model of all components (equipment and instrumentation) on downstream manufacturing piping and instrumentation diagrams.
  • Research the manufacturer recommended preventative maintenance of process equipment and instrumentation by reviewing turnover packages, vendor maintenance manuals, and through dialogue with vendors and systems experts.
  • Evaluate ABC’s current maintenance plans, sops and work orders history to determine ABC’s recommended maintenance.
  • Author, change or delete maintenance plans as necessary to ensure the sufficiency of ABC’s maintenance program.
  • Effectively use SAP, Calibration Manager, and Window’s Office software to accomplish project goals.
  • Communicate project details, progress and knowledge to other members of the project team.

XYZ Corp, Any Town, NY 9/2006 – 12/2009
Engineering Intern

  • Designed & improved the crash worthiness (by 14%) of an automotive longitudinal member for a frontal crash analysis.
  • Diagnosed, solved & simulated over a 100 engineering design optimization problems using Design Studio 11.0 and Genesis 10.1.
  • Formulated and set up optimization problems for minimizing manufacturing costs, improving the design of a structure by reducing or increasing the mass, stiffness, stress, strain energy and other factors.
  • Validated results of Non-Linear optimization (ESL) method using Genesis with third party finite element (F E) solver.
  • Tested and verified the process integration of Genesis structural optimization software with (LS-Dyna) third party software.
  • Established new parameters based on parametric studies performed on the integrated softwares, to reduce design cycle time & achieve feasible results.
  • Recommended new parameters for better control over the design process and the final design solution.
  • Collaborated closely and efficiently with the development team of six for structural optimization software.
  • Performed user end testing to debug structural optimization software and make them robust.
  • Ensured & practiced quality assurance of documentation by updating training manuals supporting new versions of the software.
  • Created new problems, training & support manuals to structurally optimize components involved in crash analysis using LS-Dyna & Genesis.
  • New features of software and updated user manuals were released after the user end testing & documentation of version 11.0

BCD Inc, Any Town, NY 9/2005 – 5/2006
Engineering Intern

  • Develop, execute and debug hundreds of test cases on various chipset based handsets at remote locations. Update and Maintain test result to local database and report it to various teams.
  • Testing of various campaign and test cases based on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Dial up, GPS, HSDPA.
  • Configure, automate and test Bluetooth for S-40 and S-60, WinMo, Android and other platforms.
  • Loading codes on different platforms and set up stations for the tests.
  • Work with SPB benchmark tools.
  • Involve in comparative analysis that includes test of various platforms such as WinMo, Android, S-40, S-60 etc.
  • Responsible for first hand analysis of new projects and providing plan and support for its testing automation.
  • Work with developers in analyzing logs and error debugging.
  • Helping other team members in Taipei and Shanghai on various platforms using conferencing calls.
  • Develop API based scripts for Intelligent Handset Tester and using this robotic machine to test different DUT in live end user environment.
  • Develop XML based scripts for internal testing tool for different phones and profiles.
  • Responsible for helping senior staff and principal engineers in AT command based script development.
  • Implementation of error tracking and log collection methodology for various platforms in automation tool.


ASCE American Society of Civil Engineers.


  • Language: Intermediate Chinese
  • Computer: Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint; Mat lab, Maple, and Auto CAD


University of New York, New York, NY
Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
Related Courses: CADD for Civil Engineers, Transportation Engineering, Highway
Engineering, Structural Analysis, Hydraulic Engineering

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