Embedded Engineer Resume Sample Two

999 Main Street, Any Town, NY
99999, 999-999-9999

Michael Martin


To work in a position which fully utilizes my embedded software skills while simultaneously offering
continuous growth opportunities.


  • Experience working through the entire development cycle of two products from initial development to release.
  • Over 10 years experience in implementing algorithms using C/C++ and Assembly.
  • 5+ years experience in the development of microcontroller/DSP based audio system.
  • Strong RTOS concepts with excellent skills in real-time implementations on different microcontroller platforms.
  • Experience in developing USB communication software, I2C and serial communication protocols.
  • Experience in working with different microcontroller platforms including PIC, MSP430, ARM7 and Cortex-M3 architecture.
  • Experience in the use of logic analyzers, oscilloscopes, signal generators for testing and debugging embedded system software.
  • Initiated and encouraged the use of perforce version control software to maintain C/Assembly language code.
  • M.S in Electrical Engineering with strong analytical, problem solving and good decision making skills.
  • Effectively used tools like MSP-FET flash emulation tool, TI XDS510, J-Link emulators to design, implement and debug embedded software in C/Assembly languages.


Embedded Software Engineer
ABC Inc, Any Town, NY 06/06-Present

  • Added support for multiple phones and modems to be used for voice and data testing in the testing products.
  • Implemented phone drivers interfacing.
  • Developed driver code to implement downlink and uplink RLC throughputs and retransmissions, HS-DSCH sub frame error rate and block error rate, MAC layer throughput, modulation scheme and number of codes used in HSDPA, CQI, transfer block size and NACK rate.
  • Implemented an alert detection code for GSM/UMTS. This keeps a running average of all the phone parameters and generates an audible alert and also displays on the screen when these averages cross certain thresholds.
  • Developed application code to display the over-the-air (OTA) messages for GSM/UMTS and data testing parameters for UMTS/HSDPA on the screen.
  • Used RTXC’s time based directives for synchronization of tasks with timed events for UMTS and HSDPA parameters.

Embedded Software Engineer STF
XYZ Corp, Any Town, NY 08/03-01/06

  • Designed, developed, unit tested, integrated and formally tested real-time embedded display software for the F-22 PVI software sustainment team using Ada, C/C++ and VAPS. Software was developed for Vx Works RTOS on a PowerPC target. Integration and formal qualification testing was done on the target hardware.
  • Worked closely with the systems engineering group to capture design details for input into requirement work packages for customer review.
  • Analyzed system level requirements, negotiated interfaces, and wrote software requirements for Doors database.
  • Conducted and participated in peer reviews, structured walks, and formal inspections. Maintained process documentation and other artifacts in accordance with process standards.
  • Managed, created, and configured software builds for unit and integration testing.

Embedded Engineer
BCD Inc. Any Town, NY 08/02- 01/03

  • Provided technical leadership and development for a project used to transfer files securely between secure and insecure networks. Assisted heavily in requirements development, performed software architecture design under on high security constraints, performed chief software design and implementation duties, and assisted in customer CM and deployment. Software security features and design constraints included the use of Smart Cards for data signature and encryption, one-way hardware laser diode device for file transfer, and clustered nodes for scalability and failover. Software technologies included standard Java tools, 3rd party security libraries, JEE application server for master control, CORBA interfaces for node synchronization and communication, and software bridges for several platforms. Also designed and developed API for transfer tool for integration into other group tools.
  • Designed and developed statistical analysis and charting package for project reliability tracking, software behavior prediction, and software product maturity prediction. Tracked project reliability through the use of SRE models to aide project managers in resource allocation and release scheduling. Software tool built as a link in to configuration management tool.
  • Experience in complete project life cycle including requirements, design, implementation, and maintenance.


Master of Electrical & Computer Engineering December 2005
University of California, Santa Barbara GPA: 3.75/4.0
Thesis: Distributed source coding using non-binary LDPC

Bachelor of Instrumentation Technology June 2002
University of Maryland, College Park GPA: 3.75/4.0


IAR C compiler, Keil C compiler, Code composer studio, Microsoft Visual
Software Control Package:
Programming Languages:
C/C++, Assembly.
ULink, J-Link, TI XDS510 USB emulator, MSP-FET430 flash emulator,
IAR , uvision, MPLAB.
uCos, Keil RTL-ARM.
MATLAB, Spectraplus.
Test Equipment:
Logic analyzer, Oscilloscope, ATS Audio precision analyzer
Intel: 8086. Microchip: PIC16F57, PIC16F877. TI: MSP430F149, TMS320C5502.
NXP: LPC2378, LPC1754. ATMEL: AT91SAM7S64. STMicro: STR912FA.

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