Electrical Resume Sample One

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William Jones

A highly talented and accomplished Electrical Engineer with skills in Electronics and Electrical Engineering who has successfully designed major projects involving developing new process, electronics and mechanical assemblies.

  • Professional Engineering experience.
  • Design Printed Circuit Boards & PCB Layout
  • MS Degree in Electrical Engineering (US Citizen)
  • Highly adept at requirements determination.
  • Proficient at Verilog & Firmware programming.
  • Designed processor hardware architectures.
  • Designed electronic Analog and Digital system.
  • Work with customers on design specifications

Professional Experience

ABC Inc, Any Town, NY 2008- 5/2010
Electrical Field Service Technication

  • Installation of new VFD drives for AC and DC motors.
  • Communicating and diagnosing any problem issues and client may have, process improvement, troubleshooting of AC and DC motors control circuits, PLC Programming and other duties as assigned.
  • Repair heavy duty Air Circuit Breakers used in high tension lines.
  • Tested Industrial circuit Breakers, Power Transformers and Protection Relays Using Test Meters like MEGGER, DUCTOR, and HIPOT tester.
  • Tested TTR Primary and Secondary Injection Breaker, Low and Medium Voltage switchgear and Breakers and relays and transformers and power distribution and Drive.
  • Experience in attending Emergency calls of Electrical problems issues troubleshoots circuits.

XYZ Corp, Any Town, NY 2006-2008
Electrical Engineering

  • Cable Design.
  • Conduit Specification and Design.
  • GE Multilin protection and control relays.
  • MCC design and specification.
  • One Line Drawings.
  • Schweitzer Engineering Labs protection and control relays.
  • Switch-gear design and specification.
  • Tray design.

BCD Inc, Any Town, NY 2004-2006
Electrical Designer and 3D Modeler and Electrical Auto Plant Administrator

  • Employed with multiple roles as an Electrical Designer, 3D modeler and Electrical Auto Plant Administrator. Responsibilities include Auto Plant Administration, training, setup, support, troubleshooting and maintenance.
  • Electrical Design duties include designing of medium & low voltage power & control applications utilizing Substations, Transformers, Switchgear, routing of underground Duct Banks, Motor Control Centers, MCC Room Layouts, Conduit & Raceway Routing, Grounding & Lighting, Area Classification detail drawings for equipment and instruments and creating Cable and Conduit Schedules.
  • Utilized Micro station and PDS 3D to locate Cable Tray, Conduit fittings and Light fixtures.
  • Completed a course in PDS 3D Modeling, Ortho Gen and Smart Plant Review.


Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, New York Polytechnic University, and Studies focused on V.L.S.I. Very Large Scale Integration, digital circuits with analog support.
Bachelor of Arts in Sociology New York University, NY concentration in Economics and Business Administration

Professional Development Courses

Master of Business Administration Graduate course work MBA Core, New York University, NY MGT450: Organizational Behavior and Management, EE461 Verilog HDL, EE510 Logic Synthesis, EE512 ASIC Design, EE505-506 VLSI Custom Blocks and Standard cells, EE508 VLIS Design (Floor Plan and Full Chip Assembly), EE689: Advanced Topics: IC Fabrication Technology, EE589: Special Topics: Solar and Regenerative Green Energy Engineering

Computer Skills

MS-Windows, Unix, MS-Office, C and C++, Assembly Code, Basic, Orcad 9.1, Verilog, H-Spice, P-Spice


Electronic, Photo, and Mechanical Instrument Repairman Sergeant, United States Air Force

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