Computer Hardware Engineer Resume Sample One

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Steven Anderson


A Lead Hardware Engineer Position in High-Speed Digital and Analog Baseband Motherboard Design


  • Professional Engineer License (Electronics, Control and Communication) in NY


Computer Hardware Engineer, ABC Inc: 2008 – Present

  • Managed a company-wide workstation hardware project that replaced UNIX X-terminals with physically larger Windows PCs, meeting various challenges such as space constraints and installation deadlines.
  • Authored process and procedure documents for workstation installations in a new manufacturing facility collaborating between multiple teams and enabling production start-up.
  • Saved company an estimated $50,000 per year in repair costs by developing and implementing a streamlined repair and replacement procedure.
  • Initiated a corporate security investigation into computer component thefts and implemented a multi-team strategy that eliminated the occurrences.

Computer Hardware Engineer, XYZ Corp: 2006 – 2008

  • Restructured and Upgraded programming and system operation.
  • Developed custom software and computer hardware for laboratory testing.
  • Interpreted and integrated foreign MCU design, in low power wound healing portable devices.
  • Examined and validated hardware with Black box and white box testing for hardware modules.
  • Isolated computer system failures to component level.

Hardware Engineer, BCD Inc: 2005 – 2006

  • Maintained and developed all drawings for cabinets, which included assemblies, parts lists, schematics, and connection diagrams.
  • Authored Critical Item Product Function Specifications (CIPFS) of cabinet system-level requirements.
  • Authored Hardware Qualification Test (HQT) plans and procedures for validation of all cabinet requirements.
  • Interface liaison with systems engineering.
  • Provided direct support to cable database configuration at both cabinet and system level architecture.
  • Authored Engineering Technical Reviews (ETRs) material and conducted ETR presentations.
  • Presented detailed design package and Installation Control Drawings (ICDs) during customer visit.
  • Performed trade studies in support of system architecture.
  • Delegated tasks and provided mentorship to summer intern.


  • PCB CAD tool: Or CAD Capture and Layout, Mentor DA, Engineer View, Board Station RE, Allegro PCB Editor, PSPICE, PolarSI8000, ADS Transient
  • Signal and Power Integrity: Reflection, Impedance Control, Crosstalk, SSN, Ground Bounce, EMI
  • Power supply: Buck, Boost, LDO, DVS, Cap-switcher, Inductor, Catch diode, Loop Stability,
  • Components: Op-Amp, Capacitor, Resistor, Inductor, Diodes, Cable, Connector, Crystal, SPI and I2C, I2S, RS232 and 485, USD, USB, transistor, FET, Flip-Flop, Logic Gate, JTAG, Charger, Ethernet
  • ARM: Cortex-M3 and Thumb-2
  • DSP: Sample, AD, DA, FIR, IIR
  • RTOS: Free RTOS
  • File System: FAT16
  • Driver: USB-HID, USB Mass Storage, SDIO, Ethernet
  • FPGA and CPLD: Verilog HDL, Quartus, Xilinx, ModelSim, Silos
  • Object-Oriented Programming: C# .NET
  • Circuit Simulation and Math: MathCAD and Mat lab
  • RF Design and Simulation: Smith Chart, An soft Designer, HFSS


  • Six Sigma, Member
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Member
  • National Society of Professional Engineers, Member


Master of Science, Electrical Engineering — Awarded 2006

  • GPA: 3.75 (major) ; 3.75 (cumulative) – University Pennsylvania
  • Courses: Advanced Digital Design, Digital Signal Process, RF & Microwave Electronics, Sensor Technology and Applications, Advanced Electromagnetic Waves, Microwave Engineering.

Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering (Microelectronics) —Awarded 2004

  • GPA: 3.75 (major) ; 3.75 (cumulative) – University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

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