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 John Smith


Highly talented chemical engineer with a background in chemical and electrochemical research to develop catalysts, membranes, reactor systems, electrode materials, energy generation (fuel cells) and storage devices.

  • Strong capabilities in communicating concepts, implementing research and managing projects with minimal direction for commercial, government and military application.
  • A team player with exceptional methods development skills, problem solving capabilities and analytical skill combined with an inquisitive mind, imagination and initiative.
  • Technical systems understanding validated by a track record of innovation in solving a diversity of technical problems. Known for problem solving capabilities and efficiency in generating results.
  • Highly versatile switching from chemical catalysis to other fields of research.


  • GC Methods, Reactor Quality Protocols
  • Experience with both research and manufacturing
  • Isolation, Sonification, Purification, Differential Centrifugation
  • Chromatography UV-Vis, BET, TGA, DTA
  • Process Flowcharting, Mapping
  • SOPs, Change Control, Audit Trails
  • SBIR Phase I & II
  • Design, Startup, Troubleshooting of Experiments, Analyzing Results, Maintain Quality


ABC, Inc. (2005-2009)
Chemical Engineer

  • Manager of day-to-day laboratory operations for projects developing catalysts for the vapor-phase deoxygenation of biomass pyrolysis vapors [DOE Cooperative Agreement; $1.9 million over 2 years] and determining the effect of coal and biomass-derived syngas contaminants on Fischer-Tropsch and water gas shift catalysts [DOE Cooperative Agreement; $1.2 million over 2 years].
  • Participated in design, specification and fabrication of 5 fixed bed microreactor systems for catalyst testing.
  • Completed over 10,000 hours of operation of Fischer-Tropsch and water gas shift catalysts.
  • Led a team of 6 engineers, chemists and technicians to complete project tasks.
  • Technical lead in developing a novel syngas to dimethyl ether program at ABC. Awarded over $70,000 to develop internal expertise in oxygenate synthesis and solid acid dehydration catalysts. Identified highly stable catalysts with activity approaching thermodynamic equilibrium for the production of dimethyl ether in fixed bed processes.
  • Served as lead research engineer to determine the effects of reactive gas environments on biomass pyrolysis products. Developed test plan to accomplish project goals, then determined and applied analytical capabilities necessary to characterize biocrude oils produced during research effort.
  • Served as lead writer of process description chapter of ABC’s $31 million biomass-to-gasoline biorefinery proposal. Led team of 3 engineers to perform facility design, develop stream tables by ASPEN process simulations, evaluate environmental impacts and provide written description of biomass-to-gasoline process, including feed transportation and preparation, biomass conversion and catalytic fuel synthesis.
  • Responsible for disseminating laboratory results to industry partners on a biweekly basis.
  • Developed and authored internal SOPs for custom designed and fabricated experimental equipment.

DEF Corporation (2002-2005)
Chemical Engineer

  • Received permit from City of Seattle and approval from Fire Department for laboratory expansion project.
  • Oversaw daily production and reduced scrap and downtime – $60, 000.
  • Disposed hazardous material according to state and federal regulations.
  • Trained employees on Right To Know program.
  • Developed and implemented PM procedures.
  • Registered products with NSF.

GHI Inc. (1998-2001)
Process Design Engineer

  • Perform line sizing, sizing of control valves, pressure safety valve (PSV), heat exchanger, re-boiler, air cooler, compressor, and other such equipment using PROMAX simulation.
  • Ensure that all aspects of project design and development are performed in a timely, cost-effective and efficient manner.
  • Developed Material Selection Worksheet for selection of appropriate metallurgy for various process equipment & piping.
  • Responsible for making sure that all standard design criteria are applied to each specific project for consistency.
  • Coordinate between Process, Mechanical, and I&E Engineering disciplines.
  • Visit plant site for inspection and start-up operations and troubleshoot mechanical and process equipment.
  • Perform engineering calculations, process simulations, heat & material balances, line schedules, process equipment data sheets and instrument data sheets.
  • Performed simulation models for Gas processing plants (Amine treating units, membrane unit, & TEG, Mole Sieve Dehydration units).


MS, Chemical Engineering (GPA: 4.3, 5.0), MIT
BS, Chemical Engineering (GPA 3.67, 4.00), Columbia University
Awards: Tau Beta Pi, American Chemical Society Award.


Member – American Chemical Society


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