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Professional Summary

10+ years of extensive Oracle experience as an Production Oracle DBA supported by strong experience in the analysis, Design, development and implementation of variety of complex business systems under various platforms (Linux, Solaris, HP Unix, AIX and Windows).

Specializes in Oracle database administration on 11g, 10gR2-R1, 9i, 8i ,Performance Tuning, Backup and Recovery using RMAN, 9i to 10g Migration issues, Real Application Clusters (RAC),  GRID, OEM, Data Guard, Physical and logical database design, Development using SQL, PL-SQL , Database triggers and Procedures.

Strong DBA skills of 24X7 Production environment, Development background, ability to work in teams and independently, and with individuals of different skill levels, ability to grasp new concepts quickly and strong commitment to get the job done under pressure.


  • OLTP Production 24×7 DBA Support, Testing and Development Databases Support
  • Backup, Disaster Recovery ( RMAN )  and  Data Replication ( Oracle Streams )
  • Oracle Database Design, Systems Analysis, Database Partitioning and Oracle parallel query
  • Performance Tuning, Optimization using TKPROF, STATS PACK, ADDM and Cost Based Optimizer
  • Grid Control and Oracle Enterprise Manager ( OEM )
  • Systems Migrations, 9i to 10G Upgrades.
  • Resource Management
  • PL, SQL, SQL Development and Tuning Skills, Process Automation using Shell Scripting
  • Oracle Real Application Clusters ( RAC ) on Oracle 10g R1-R2 and 11g.
  • Unix Shell Scripting


ABC Inc. Any Town, NY Oct 08 to Jan’ 2010
Senior Oracle Developer

  • BEA Web logic 10.3: Experienced with the installation and configuration of Web logic 10.3 Domains, including: the creation of jdbc connection pools, the modification of connection pool parameters, the maintenance of deployments (stop, start, delete, and re-deploy), server parameters such as tunneling, port setting, and the modification of startup scripts.
  • Oracle Developer 11g Developer: On the model layer, created web services from database packages, data-controls, ADF view objects, and application modules and parameters. On the view layer, used ADF Rich Server Faces components extensively, java backing beans, page definition xml files for bindings, task flows (for page flow scopes), faces-config.xml, and layout work. All code managed via CVS.
  • Toad and Oracle PL-SQL Developer: Oracle advanced sql using analytical functions, aggregate functions, and case statements. Oracle pl-sql using cursors, for, next and open fetch loops, select into, raise application error, pragma exception in it, and autonomous transactions. Oracle ddl scripts for the creation of tables, indexes, constraints, and types.
  • Unix: Scripts for the calling of packages, sql, or sql loader. Use of nohup with & switch.
  • Linux: Creation of Web logic Domains, removal of nohup.out log files, and deployment of EARs.
  • Java and Eclipse: Created jsp web pages, java backing classes, struts action classes, java Dao business classes, and pojos that access database packages with varray outputs.

XYZ Corp. Any Town, NY May 08 to Oct 08
Database Administrator (DBA)

  • Interacted with users and business experts to determine their requirements and needs.
  • Used SQL Loader to load data from external files into Oracle Database.
  • Created schemas for new users and managed the security and access the database by granting appropriate privileges and roles to the users based on client policy.
  • Managed Table spaces, Database structure and storage allocation, Undo segments, etc.
  • Wrote extensive SQL and PL, SQL Procedures, Functions.
  • Monitored database activities, performance, and size. Increase the size if required and identified and resolved performance issues.
  • Tuned SQL queries using indexes and table partitioning and correct database.
  • Analyzed the database tables and indexes and then rebuilt the indexes if there is fragmentation in indexes.
  • Generated and analyzed the STAT PACK reports for maximum database.
  • Planned Backup and Recovery using various strategies (Cold Backup and Hot Backup).
  • Implemented scripts for cold and hot RMAN backups.
  • Used import, export and Data Pump utility to transfer data.
  • Performed different file recoveries in the database.
  • Used Flashback Technologies such as Flashback Database, Flashback Query, and Flashback Table.

BCD Inc. Any Town, NY Jan 07-March 08

  • Designed and built an Oracle 10g data mart. Each data set was merged and stored as a snapshot within the system. Business Objects reports were created that allowed reporting between the snapshots. This was the first time these data sets had been combined in the company, allowing managers to view forecast vs. actual reports.
  • Coded PL-SQL packages and procedures to perform data loading, error handling and logging. Tied the procedures into an existing ETL process.
  • Wrote SQL Plus scripts to perform installation.
  • Tuned database SQL statements and procedures by monitoring run times and system statistics. Inserted hints and rewrote code as required.
  • Administered a Business Objects installation consisting of over 100 reports and 1000 users.
  • Set security settings for user groups, managed report schedules, altered server settings.
  • Coded a custom VBA application in Excel to monitor users and services in all environments.
  • Wrote a C# .Net service to aid in system administration.
  • Troubleshot performance issues with system.
  • Created universes and built over reports in Business Objects.
  • Wrote reports in SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).
  • Used Clear Case to check-in code and baseline progress for code changes.
  • Used Clear Quest to create change tickets for new projects.


  • Bachelor of Engineering (University of Utah)
  • Post graduate diploma in computer studies (Yale university)


  • University of Iowa Database Administration Advanced Course
  • Oracle 10g R2 Real Application Clusters
  • Oracle Performance Tuning


  • Platforms: UNIX (Sun Solaris, IBM AIX, SCO UNIX, HP-UX, DG, UX), Windows, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4-5,Open VMS for VAX
  • Languages: Pro*C, SQL *PLUS, PL, SQL,C, Unix Shell Scripting
  • RDBMS: Oracle 11g-10g R1-R2, Oracle 9i, 8i, 7x, Oracle Applications 11-10-7.0SC 16, Developer, SQL Server, MS Access and My SQL.
  • Tools: Oracle Enterprise Manager, Recovery Manager ( RMAN ), Oracle Data Guard, Oracle Grid Control, Oracle Application Clusters ( RAC ), ASM, Oracle Secure Backup,Veritas Net backup, Quest Benchmarking, Toad, SQL Navigator, Toad Data Modeler Oracle Designer, Ingress, BMC Patrol, Quest Central, DB Artisan, ERwin Data Modeler, ER, Studio, Rational Clear Case, Lotus Notes, Cold Fusion, Auto Sys, ITSM
  • Hardware: Sun 6800-6500-4000-3500; IBM pSeries, RS-6000; HP, Compaq Proliant, MIPS, Dell 8450-63X0 Data General 9600,Sun Workstations. Windows Server, XP 64 and 32 Bit

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