Webmaster Resume Sample One

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James Martin


Web Site Designer


To work for a progressive, dynamic growing company designing Internet Web sites and Web pages.


Web Designer Skills

  • Proficient in computer languages: JavaScript, CSS, Pearl, HTML, and XHTML.
  • Hosted web sites and web pages on internet and Internet.
  • Used, installed, downloaded, and uploaded various software and application as: Microsoft – Front Page, Access for databases and spreadsheets; PowerPoint for Presentations; Adobe –Photo shop; Macro media – Dream weaver, Flash, Fireworks; Adobe – Image Ready; Print Shop, Go Live, etc.
  • Designed and produced web pages, web sites, animations, button, icon-links, graphic pictures and logos.

Computer & Support Skills

  • Installed, tested, monitored, and setup software, hardware, parietal, and pair wiring for computers and network systems.
  • Recorded and maintained records of telephone calls, email, and house calls for tracking hardware errors and problems from written customers’ complaints.
  • Proficient to help computer users to solve software and hardware problems.
  • Used Microsoft Access and Excel in setting up databases and for tracking information.
  • Designed, built, and customized web sites, presentations, forms, pamphlets, invoices.
  • Webmaster for online website stores.
  • Monitored online web sites statistics, trends, email correspondence and the sites’ function.
  • Proficient in operating systems function: Windows-XP, 95, 98, and Server 2000.


Webmaster & Database Manager, ABC Inc. Any Town, NY, 04/2003 – 06/2010

  • Designed, implemented, and maintained consumer-level public web sites.
  • Assisted in developing online services such as warranty claim handling, online ordering, diagram and catalog system, shipment tracking, information organization, and providing customer support via telephone and email.
  • Experience in database environments such as File maker, Microsoft Access, MAS200, and PHP, My SQL for developing of content-driven sites and internal operations and prototyping.
  • Developed a database for counting inventory using bar code scanners, as well as programming the scanners themselves. This allowed comparison of data to cycle counts and counts from previous years to find discrepancies and trends in sales, which shortened the time necessary to gather the data from five days to less than two.
  • Web development experience with Adobe Dream weaver, Microsoft Front Page, HTML, ASP, PHP, My SQL, CSS, JavaScript, and Flash. Experience with graphics design in Adobe Photo shop for web graphics, as well as flyers, photograph cleanup, and brochures.
  • Additional programming experience in CC++, Java, and 68k Assembler, Ruby, and Visual Basic for Applications. Strong programming background with over 15 years of experience; able to adapt to new languages quickly.

Webmaster, XYZ Corp. Any Town, NY 01/2000 – 04/2005

  • Designed website layout.
  • Organized, created, managed, and updated content.

Webmaster, BCD Inc. Any Town, NY 07/1998 – 12/1999

  • Optimized the website for high search engine visibility and web experience, improving search engine ranking by 20%.
  • Coordinated the efforts of multiple groups to ensure that web projects are scoped appropriately and delivered on schedule.
  • Built templates for landing pages and mailers.
  • Ensuring that content reflects both brand standards and usability best practices.
  • Responsible for the programming and maintaining multiple other small corporate sites like blogs and other small applications.


  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Associate of Applied Technology, CIS – Networking Specialist, GPA 3.75, 2003
  • Associate of Applied Technology, CIS – Microcomputers Specialist, GPA 3.75, 2004
  • Associate of Applied Technology, CIS – Internet Web Site Design Specialist, GPA 3.75, 2005
  • University of California – Bachelor of Science, – MT, GPA 2.75, 1983


CCNA Discovery: Networking for Home and Small Businesses


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