Oracle Database Administrator Resume Sample One

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Oracle Database Administrator

Expertise in Oracle Application Development, Database Architecture, Continuous Process Improvement

Highly analytical, results-driven, and tenacious IT professional offering exemplary experience in Object-Oriented Design Principles, Application Development, and Oracle Database Warehousing. Show paramount efforts in leading all facets of project life cycle, from initial system analysis and conceptual design through implementation, quality review, and development. Possess substantial experience in improving software design through application of new software methodologies to optimize operational efficiency. Proven effectiveness to deliver overlapping deadlines in fast-paced environments and handle multiple assignments simultaneously.



  • Provided system maintenance of database and business application server including backup data, recovery, and security update.
  • Effectively consolidated multi work group environment into single windows domain environment using active directory.
  • Planed and implemented server relocation providing minimal downtime of system and network.
  • Provided technical solution in order to improve business productivity including FTP server hosting, and secure remote connection by modifying firewall policy.


  • Administer and maintain Oracle 10g database and associated processes on networked Sun Solaris servers for web-based and Client applications.
  • Create and review detailed audit reports for each individual server as well as aggregate audits designed to flag abnormal activity, possible unauthorized access, and other identified potential threats using shell scripts and spooling SQL files. Create and maintain shell scripts designed to retrieve audits from networked servers to a centralized administrative server.
  • Create and maintain shell scripts written to backup and compress database backups daily.
  • Create database objects, including but not limited to tables, views, indexes, triggers and procedures, as defined by system requirements and business rules in accordance with generally accepted database administration practices and standards.
  • Configure and maintain backups through Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) utility.
  • Configure Oracle streams for data replication of transactional data.
  • Offload Database audit and backups to removable media weekly.
  • Develop and maintain scripts, procedures, and other programmatic code executed through Oracle’s Job Scheduling utility (DBMS_JOB).
  • Establish, review and update transactional database auditing rules every 2 months or as required by Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIGs).
  • Routinely perform quarterly Security Technical Information Guide scripts on Oracle database and UNIX servers.
  • Monitor application, database table spaces and files for growth trends as required.
  • Monitor and manage operating system for application and database growth trends as required.
  • Maintain and review user database roles, updating system and object privileges for all users and user accounts as required by client and web applications.
  • Create, test, and update shell crontab scripts on Sun Solaris server as required by project.
  • Import and Export database tables and objects using spool SQL, Oracle interactive import and export utility, Oracle Import and Export Data Pump utility and use of PAR Files.
  • Create, test, and update scripts designed to streamline user administration and daily data manipulation and administration.
  • Develop and test PL-SQL procedures for database administration, client and web system functionality, text file generation, and other adhoc duties as required.
  • Monitor Database performance and database storage on a regular basis by identifying database objects requiring reorganization and SQL tuning.
  • Periodically run SQL tuning script designed to identify missing table indexes, indexes requiring to be rebuilt due to current extents and the estimated shared pool size for the database given the application requirements.
  • Periodically run SQL scripts identifying current status of dispatcher usage, session event average wait time, rollback segments and contention, buffer hit ratio, data dictionary hit ratio, redo log buffer, library cache hit, miss ratio, latch contention, and system locks. Alter initialization parameters according to results returned as required.
  • Write shell scripts designed to replicate SQL statements and text files to networked servers.
  • Perform routine database maintenance, updates, and patch upgrades as required.
  • Identify data anomalies and correct data errors resulting from changes in system functionality, business rules, and erroneous user input.
  • Develop and update system Database Design document as required by contracting authority.


  • Lead DBA for a 5 member team responsible for providing first line of response on-call support to customers running Oracle (9i, 10g), SQL Server (2000, 2005), and DB2 (7.2) databases on a variety of Unix and Windows platforms.
  • Responsible for deploying new databases, staging test databases and promoting them to production after passing user acceptance testing, following change control procedures to ensure smooth transitions to new versions of the database.
  • Responsible for managing and maintaining development and test database server systems.
  • Performed Data Migrations from Oracle to SQL Server, SQL Server to Oracle, DB2 to Oracle, and DB2 to SQL Server.
  • Responsible for assisting developers and QA personnel with database issues.
  • Responsible for planning upgrades, configuring security, and developing disaster recovery plans.
  • Responsible for developing database related process documentation.
  • Responsible for working on a wide variety of special projects such as designing automated management scripts, installation of databases, database migrations, data conversion, SQL Server Database Replication.


New York University: 1998–2000

PROFESSIONAL TRAINING: Attended training in Oracle PL, SQL, Oracle Backup or Restore, and Oracle Table Design


Operating Systems:

  • Windows (XP-7), SAP Table layouts
  • UNIX Scripting, Business Objects (Crystal Reports) development using Universes, Stored Procedures and Tables
  • MS Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook)
  • Data Conversion

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