Database Administrator Resume Sample One

999 Main Street, Any Town, NY 99999

William Thomas


I am a degrees IT Professional with over 10 years experience in a variety of industries. I am also knowledgeable in various aspects of accounting and finance.


ABC Inc. Any Town, NY 3/2008 – 10/2009
Database Administrator

  • Provide support for production oracle databases in 8i, 9i, 10g, 11g, and managing database growth.
  • Extensively used new features of Oracle 10gR2-11g R2 viz automatic storage management, Oracle 10g Real Application Cluster, data guard, Oracle streams replication, automatic SGA tuning, enhanced RMAN with flash recovery area, Oracle data pump, new EM grid control, database control, AWR, ADDM, SQL tuning, access advisers, flash back database and several others.
  • Monitor performance and analysis on all database systems using Oracle tools and external.
  • Managing database security. Design, develop, and implement automated data backup and restoration procedures using RMAN and export and import. Provide technical support for database maintenance and disaster recovery.
  • Apply Oracle Critical Patch Updates (CPU) and other upgrade, patches regularly, and maintain the systems up to date.
  • Configured OEM Grid Control to manage, monitor and administer the various Databases in the enterprise.
  • Tuning Oracle and SQL Server for performance improvement and resolved network configuration and connectivity-related problems.
  • Provide support to Software developers by creating Stored Procedures using PL, SQL and T-SQL.
  • Work actively with the development team to tune slow queries and improve performance; understanding the application and providing more practical database solutions such as investigate and create missing Indexes for performance.
  • Identify, recommend, and implement all new database technologies and Oracle license management.
  • Handled database server tuning, application tuning, maintaining documentation, and capacity planning and database security.

XYZ Corp. Any Town, NY 10/2006 – 11/2007
Database Administrator

  • Provide full spectrum of DBA services on SQL Server 2008 and 2005 for a fast growing company. Maintain a reliable, secure and highly available production database environment with approximately 3TB in total database size servicing high transaction application
  • Tuned the databases, servers, SQL and recommended application changes to provide for reliable, scalable transaction throughput.
  • Support for multiply redundant disaster recovery plan with local and remote fail-over capability.
  • Design, develop and maintain data archive plan.
  • Logical and physical database modeling.
  • Create and maintain stored procedures and triggers.
  • Establish and maintain transactional replication between database servers.
  • Provide support to fast moving IT development teams, including full DBA support and logical and physical modeling of databases.
  • Script and execute schema DDL for releases to QA and production.
  • Provide training and mentoring to junior DBA staff.

BCD Inc. Any Town, NY 7/2005 – 07/2006
Database Administrator

  • Restructured critical databases reducing customer wait time resulting in many more leads and sales.
  • Produced a new series of analysis reports for managers which increased efficiencies in call campaigns, call times and sales geographies.
  • Supplied ad-hoc report programming for the Directors.
  • Aggressively data mined re-capturing data lost or hidden and merging it back into system.
  • Trained Call Center and Floor Managers in proper use of contact database. Instructed personnel on proper coding, and report usage.
  • Worked with data vendors to dramatically increase contact database size.
  • Collaborated with web site developer in creating new web site for company. Maintained the web site after it was developed.


B. B. A. in Management Information Systems
University of California, San Francisco – Graduated Magna cum Laude

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