Tax Accountant Resume Sample Two

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Jane Doe


Excel, Vertex, FAS, Lotus, Word, AS400, Microsoft Axapta


  • Ten years experience in Finance and Accounting with diverse, fast-paced work environments.
  • Expertise includes sales and use tax, internal and external state tax audits, and internal company audits that established company policies and procedures.
  • Recognized for role in company merger and ERP system implementation including additional software programs integration and testing system for accuracy and compatibilities.
  • Strong abilities include: managing multiple priorities simultaneously, meeting deadlines and attention to detail.


ABC Corporation, Highland Heights, Ohio
Tax Accountant , October 2006 – December 2008

  • Responsible for multiple corporations’ sales and use tax accounting by preparing monthly and quarterly returns for each state.
  • Management of accountants in India who processed the returns.
  • Oral and written organizational communications regarding notices, registrations and resale certificates.
  • Worked on audits from 250-300 jurisdictions.
  • Worked as a team player assisting co-workers when needed.
  • Worked with Oracle and Vertex.
  • Reduced a state audit assessment from $1.4 million to a zero audit

DEF Incorporated, Highland Heights, Ohio
Tax Accountant & Fuel Tax and Licensing, March 2004 – December 2006

  • Processed tax returns for the Western Regions and Midwestern Regions, which encompassed 48 facilities in 23 states.
  • Renewed registrations and titles for these areas along with being the liaison to DMV, DOT, IFTA, IRP and other government agencies.
  • Filed monthly and quarterly Weight-Distance Tax returns in New Mexico and Oregon ensuring that every vehicle complied with specific state guidelines and taxes were correctly assessed and paid.
  • Tracked each facility’s fleet traveled miles by compiling and maintaining fuel and mileage records. This process corrected discrepancies, prevented double-payments and reduced tax penalties in state mandated fuel tax audit.
  • Compiled data for sales and use tax then filed returns for the state of Louisiana that encompassed 49 unique local parish accounts.

GHI Company, New York, NY
Senior Tax Accountant, June 2002-December 2003

  • Prepared C-Corporation returns (consolidated returns with more than 35 Subsidiaries) for Public and Private Corporations.
  • Prepared Forms 5471, 5472 & 8858 for foreign activities.
  • Prepared states tax returns including combined state tax returns. Preparation included tax work papers to support states apportionment, modifications and state tax credits.
  • Combined states returns: Texas Franchise Tax Return, Michigan Business Tax Return, and New York State Combined Tax Return.
  • Prepared tax forms for states credits such as NY State Empire Zone Credits and NJ manufacture tax credit.
  • Calculated book to tax differences (M-1 Items) such as Bad debt, deferred income, prepaid expenses, accrued expenses, accrued payroll, Sec 263A, & Tax-Book depreciation adjustments.
  • Prepared Federal partnership returns (Partnerships with partners’ special allocations) and states partnership returns including Composite tax returns for non-resident partners. Prepared partnership returns for large law firms with more than 60 partners.
  • Prepared Federal S-Corporation tax returns and States tax retunrs including Composite tax returns for non-resident shareholders.
  • Prepared and reviewed high net worth individual tax returns.
  • Responded to IRS tax notices and audit: Submitted work papers for Sec 263A calculations to IRS auditors. Responded to various IRS audit for individual tax returns.
  • Responded to State tax notices: Filed out Texas notice forms regarding business nexus in Texas. Responded to Michigan notices regarding Michigan business tax returns. Responded to Connecticut tax notices regarding Business Entity Tax for partnerships.
  • Recent Researches:
    • States Research: Sales Tax Nexus, Business Tax Nexus, States Apportionments, States modifications (depreciation adjustments, exempt interest income, Contributions), passive loss for individual tax returns, California apportionment factors for resident and non-resident partners for partnership tax returns.
    • Federal Research: Bonus Depreciation, Sec 179, Expenses and Interest relating to tax-exempt income, Sec 1245 property & 1230 property, Prepaid rent, Deferred income & Energy efficient tax credit for individual tax returns.
  • Used Pro system and Super forms software to prepare the tax returns.
  • Used CCH and RIA Check Point for tax research.


Bachelor of Business Administration
Cleveland State University, Cleveland, OH
Majors: Accounting & Marketing

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