Certified Public Accountant Resume Sample One




A highly organized CPA with over 15 years of accounting, auditing, tax, finance, investments, and training experience. A detail oriented individual with the ability to develop and implement operational system, which ensure accuracy, quality and increase productivity.


Budgeting Tax Accounting Program Implementation
Auditing Governmental Accounting Investments
Financial Reporting Cost Accounting Cash Flow
Bond Issue Portfolio Management Internal Controls


  • Developed and implemented audit procedures for the retirement systems audit. Trained and motivated staff. Completed the computerization of retirement systems audit and increased productivity by 30%.
  • Managed portfolio. Also developed short and long-term forecast of revenues and expenditures to maximize use of funds and investment opportunities. Managed $2 Billion portfolio that includes market condition analyzes, comparison of investment policy, security selection, and banking relationship management.
  • Developed organizational budget. Coordinated the budgetary process for the agency in varying funds such as operational, maintenance, improvement, construction, and feasibility study. Also coordinated the effort for the board submittal.Trained budget users and reviewers on the budgetary process and software.
  • Developed short term and long term cash flow forecasting model for various construction and capital projects estimated over $3 Billion dollars. Invested surplus cash in investment securities that earned more than $5 Million dollars a month. Reduced deficit by issuing bonds and commercial paper to finance the projects.


Tax Accountant, ABC Inc., Any town, NY

  • Prepare federal, state, and local tax returns for individual, business establishment, and other organizations.
  • Perform diversified accounting, and tax assignments.
  • Prepare routine correspondence for clients.
  • Examine accounts and records and compute taxes owed according to prescribed rates, laws, and regulations, prepare projections for clients with BNA software.
  • Ensure that clients comply with periodic tax payment, information reporting, and other taxing authority requirements, and forward reminders to clients for estimated tax payments.

Financial Consultant, XYZ Corp., Any town, NY

  • Created personal financial plans for businesses and families.
  • Implemented a marketing plan which was in excess of one hundred thousand dollars which included direct mail, seminar selection and marketing materials. Increased revenues by 25% through leveraging marketing costs with other financial advisors.
  • Provided individual tax and investment advice as well as the preparation of over 100 individual returns.

Director, BCD Inc., Any town, NY

  • In charge of all aspects of the practice administration of a Group that consisted of five offices and an administrative office, 175+ employees, and annual revenues of $25 million to include financial planning and analysis, accounting and reporting, operations analysis, budgeting, capital planning, and overall financial support to practice owners.
  • Grew net annual collections from $10 million to $20 million in the eight years.
  • Structured associate buy-ins and real estate deals.
  • Responsible for 175+ employees and direct supervisor of nine managers. Effectively developed a strong accounting team with a focus on a strong sense of fiduciary responsibility to owners and accurate and efficient reporting of financial data.
  • Responsible for all aspects of general ledger, including month-end and year-end journal entries. Oversaw month-end closing entries and preparation of consolidated financial statements in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.
  • Prepared internal financial reports for analysis and variance reporting.
  • Prepared Corporate Tax Returns (Forms 1120 and 1065) as well as related Partnership Tax Returns (Form 1065) and Individual Tax Returns (Form 1041) for owners and doctors.
  • Developed and maintained annual budget to ensure expense ratios exceeded industry standards for ‘excellent’.
  • Established and integrated cash control and collection policies. Created A and R manager position and an audit system, which significantly improved A and R, particularly accounts past 90-days. Achieved an accounts receivable turnover ratio of 26-30 days.
  • Implemented Fixed Asset Control Program to ensure proper controls for all fixed asset transactions to include purchases, transfers and disposals of $3 million worth of assets.
  • Administrator of the Health Care and 401k plans. Successfully reduced health insurance premium annual increase from 25% to 8%.
  • Responsible for all aspects of Payroll to include supervising payroll department, reviewing employee evaluations and maintaining payroll expense as standard percentage of collections. Prepared 941 and NC-5 tax deposits, quarterly payroll tax returns, W-2’s, and year-end Earnings Statements for 100+ employees.
  • Implemented new accounting software and procedures. Created new chart of accounts to allow revenue and expense tracking by office (department).
  • Developed and maintained excellent relationships with lawyers, bankers and outside accountants.


Certified Public Accountant
Certified Governmental Financial Manager
Masters of Science in Accounting
Bachelors of Science in Accounting


Association of Government Accountants
American Institute of Certified Public Accounts


Proficient in Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Evare, Bloomberg, PeopleSoft


Will be provided upon request

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