Quick Tips to Finding the Job You Want

Office Supplies And Job SearchWhat is a job search if you don’t include While there are many options available today, you are limiting your results by just relying on any one resource. Regardless of which resources you go to, it is highly recommended that you include given its wide reach across industries and geographies. is one of the first career Web sites that came on the scene and it has grown to become one of the largest Web sites for job searching. Registering for an account and posting your resume is free of charge.

So, what makes different from the other job boards and how can you use it to effectively find the right job opportunities? Below we outline some advantages to and offer some quick and easy tips to get started, ensuring recruiters find you and that you find the right job opportunities.

The Advantages to

  • Two-in-one service: You can find/apply for jobs and recruiters can find you if you establish a viewable profile.
  • Resume views are tracked: You know how many employers viewed your resume.
  • Multiple resumes can be posted: You can customize your resume and make available several versions to target a wider range of employers. (Note: offers the option to either upload a Word file/Text file or pasting text. It is highly recommended that you upload your resume file to ensure formatting is not affected).
  • Abundant resources and tools: Find anywhere from articles on career advice, interviewing, salary/negotiation and discussion boards to enhance the job searching experience.
  • Search Agents: Set your search criteria for jobs and you can be notified via e-mail as frequent as you would like on new job opportunities.

How to Get Started on

Personalize your Monster homepage to ensure you are fed information and opportunities that will be of value to you. Once you have your settings customized, each time you log-in a personalized homepage will appear containing information that is specifically tailored to you.

The following widgets can help with personalization:

  • Profile – this section allow you to display your experience, skills, career status
  • Recommended Jobs – find a list of opportunities that meet your search criteria settings
    Resume – View stats on how many times each resume was reviewed by employers (only available if you set your resume(s) to public view)
  • Saved Companies – Stay informed of opportunities from specific companies
  • Apply History – Track jobs you have applied for
  • Saved Job Searches – Eases the job search with criteria settings saved each time you search; you can save up to 5 search settings

Establishing a personalized page, setting your resume to public view, and utilizing the enormous amount of resources and tools on can surely help during your job hunt.