Eight Steps to Landing the Perfect Job

Creating a Resume and Cover Letter

Before writing a resume, there are two numbers to keep in mind: 70 and 20. A company gets 70 applicants for every professional job opening (blue collar jobs are even higher) and candidates only has 20 seconds with their resume to make an impression on a recruiter.  Learn how to create a resume that sells!  

Get on LinkedIn

Networking sites, such as LinkedIn, have changed the way recruiters seek job candidates. Today, recruiters and job candidates are connecting, interacting, and sharing information proactively.  Learn how to rapidly grow your Linkedin network so that you can be found by top recruiters and hiring managers.

Use Recruiters

Job seekers have many options and various resources to rely on nowadays when conducting a job hunt. These include professional job boards, social/networking sites, and personal referrals, as well as others. Given all of these options, one might ask if it is still necessary to work with a recruiter. And the answer is a resounding: YES!

Post Resumes

While there are many job boards available, not all will be well suited for every job seeker.  Each job board has a set of differentiating factors that help build the jobs board’s success at helping job seekers quickly land the perfect job.  Read about the top job boards and decide which one is right for you.

Master the Job Interview

Use Jeff’s help guide to master the job interview and land your dream job.

Job References

At some point in the interview process, companies are going to ask for references. References can make or break your candidacy. Most people wait until the last minute to construct a list of job references. This is a big mistake. Sending references that were not pre-checked regularly derails many job offers.

Negotiate Job Offer

And here we are. You’ve made a good impression with the employer, successfully completing the interview (and there may have been a series of them!) and a job offer has been presented to you. In all likelihood, several job candidates were under consideration, however, after full evaluation, it comes down to you with the appropriate skills, experience and likability factor that have made the difference.